Monday, 20 December 2010

Major information "disappeared" from the FDA hearings consultation

(I filed the following with the FDA hearings 2010 but it was disappeared along with the preprint of my update review of the antiinnatia theory of autism. You can see the FDA registration number where I pasted it in at the end here - 80ba9816.)

The only proper response to the shocking information newly raised in this comment is to suspend all use of dental amalgam immediately until further notice
.Concurrence of increased autism enrolments in California with increased adult disability claims in UK.
Graph by Robin P Clarke

My previous submission, of the update review of my 1993-published autism theory, showed related graphs which make clear that a huge change of ratio of late/early onset cases coincided exactly with the autism increase. And that pretty much proves that the autism increase was real (and caused by a change of dental amalgams).

I now am adding the above graph, which shows that not only did a huge increase of autism start promptly after the introduction of non-gamma-2 amalgams. You can see that there was exactly concurrently a huge increase of UK adult invalidity claimants. That is of claimants reporting dental mercury poisoning symptoms even though they had no idea what the symptoms of dental mercury poisoning are. And even though they have no idea that the government changed to a type of dental filling 40 times more toxic without bothering to test it or tell anyone.

And the reason immigrants in the UK are “more hard-working” is because they haven’t been poisoned yet by UK dentists. Robin P Clarke,


Yet more evidence:

Mental health of women in crisis

According to survey of 2,000 girls and women, around two-thirds have had mild to moderate mental health problems.

Almost a third of women aged over 18 have taken antidepressants.

Colin Walker, policy and campaigns manager at mental health charity Mind, welcomed the report but said his organisation's research showed men and women experienced mental health problems such as depression and anxiety in roughly equal numbers. etc

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  1. But personally I don't think amalgam should be banned, just the truth told about it. The only thing that should be banned is meddling fascist organisations such as the FDA.